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Projects and Courses

Bizness Program has many courses and projects available for students to join to gain knowledge and experience in the field of business, economics and entrepreneurship.


Through our projects students won't only have the opportunity to broaden their horizons but also they will gain real life experience in the fields of business, economics and entrepreneurship. In addition, projects will be advised by University and High School students and by different organisations/companies. Lastly, participants will gain valuable information meet students from all over the world and enjoy themselves.


Through our courses students have the opportunity to gain knowledge in the fields of business, economics and entrepreneurship. Courses are going to have some group activities, small quizzes.  Furthermore, students will meet fellow peers from across the globe. The courses will be highly informative as well as engaging and entertaining. Our instructors will  stories and knowledge to share in their courses. 

Check out our new Course Kits!

This fun material kit can be used in conjunction with Bizness Program courses on a variety of topics! We have created a material kit which includes the full Bizness Program agenda, a notebook, pens, pencils, a pencil case and even a cool folder to store all of your work in!

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by email, our website or via our social media channels on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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