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Through our courses students have the opportunity to gain knowledge in the fields of business, economics and entrepreneurship. Courses are going to have some group activities, small quizzes. Furthermore, students will meet fellow peers from across the globe. The courses will be highly informative as well as engaging and entertaining. Our instructors will have a plethora of stories and knowledge to share in their courses. Nevertheless, Bizness' main goal is for the students who participate in our courses to be utterly knowledgeable in the topic of the courses while also having a fun time.
HR Strategies

Human Resources are undoubtedly an important aspect of business function. As many say the workforce of a business is the most valuable asset a company has. In this course students will learn about motivation: how are workers motivated in the workplace? Students will also learn about the fundamental terms of Human Resources and its strategies that lead to a successful business.

The 4Ps of Marketing

Marketing is an essential part in having a successful business. How can a business ensure its success in sales? The course will dive in the 4 aspects of marketing, known as the 4ps: product, price, place, and promotion. Students will find how companies can create effective and efficient marketing mixes according to businesses' needs and desires.

Intro to Economics

The intro to economics course will provide information on the branch of microeconomics. How are markets formed in an economy. What are the important factors of demand and supply? The course will also go in depth in the market mechanisms and government intervention, why does the government intervene and how?

Intro to Business

In the intro to business course students gain knowledge upon beginner business terms, how a business function and how it is structured. The course will provide information on fundamental business concepts and objectives. The course will answer questions such as: What is the goal of a business? What kinds of businesses exist? How can one form a business? What is the most important aspect for a successful business?

Check out our new Course Kits!

This fun material kit can be used in conjunction with Bizness Program courses on a variety of topics! We have created a material kit which includes the full Bizness Program agenda, a notebook, pens, pencils, a pencil case and even a cool folder to store all of your work in!

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